We had a great time at Totalcon 34! Here are some highlights from our event coordinators, Rob and Garrett:

TRI volunteers ran 110 tables over the course of the convention! We always see many many tables of D&D Adventurers League content, but we also had tons of tables of Esper Genesis run over the course of the weekend. Lots of DMs wanted to run it, and players who played asked where they could find the book, even players who played it for the first time! Check out Esper Genesis for yourself!

During our multi-table charity event on Saturday evening, we raised $265 for Extra Life, an organization that is important to all of us. During this event, every slot filled, players wanted to play and were excited for it. They supported the charity above and beyond our expectations.

Another highlight was the variety of players stepping up to DM throughout the weekend, helping create memories for con-goers. Finally, getting to engage with players and GMs, and asking them about barriers to becoming a DM, and having them speak honestly, and be vulnerable, was key to moving toward our goal of helping people in the future.

We also recognize that, as with any event, there were some challenges we overcame. Our biggest challenge was multiple players expressing interest for systems that were new to our DMs – a lot of effort was put into reseating those players into other games or “finding the helpers” to support them, especially if they were new to the game.  Pairing players with people enabled them to succeed. Players who want to play is a great problem to have, and we look forward to seeing how this community engages with new content as their interest grows and evolves. A challenge we always see at events is open volunteer slots from people being sick or having things come up last minute, and we were proud of the way were were able to keep players with DMs who were delayed, engaged. We did this by going over to tables, walking new players through character sheets, talking about the game, and generally keeping players engaged in the face of delay or challenge.

We are so grateful for our community, and the people who made this convention awesome. Special thanks to Steven and Angelia Parenteau and the whole Totalcon administrative team. Thank you for running an incredible weekend, and for making the effort to come by and say hello. Someday, we’ll get to run a table for you all (you work so hard). Thank you to our hero DMs who stepped up to run a game or an extra game. Thank you to our fabulous team of volunteers who ran an incredible weekend of gaming. Thank you to hotel staff for all of the care that they provide throughout the weekend and for constantly replenishing our water. Last but not least, thank you to the Totalcon community for coming out to play with us, get silly, fight monsters (and aliens), and have fun.