Mission and Story

Mission Statement

The Role Initiative, Inc.’s (TRI) mission is to raise awareness and funds to support worthy charity organizations through the coordination and facilitation of all forms of organized tabletop roleplaying games.

The primary focuses are to support the local game-stores and conventions in the form of offering communication, customized content, and logistics.

Our Story

The Role Initiative (TRI) was unofficially born at PAX East 2016 while supporting the organized play arm of Dungeons and Dragons, Adventurers League, we officially became a not for profit company mid-June 2017.

We support local game stores by running events and game days and run multi-table conventions by organizing, facilitating, running areas of roleplaying games.  While currently the focus has been on Adventurers League, this will not always be the case as there are other organised play organizations that also need assistance in the area.

Over the past year we have also started creating custom “Convention Created Content” as part of Adventurers League to offer conventions premier content that can not be played at any other location to be a draw for the event.

Starting at Carnage Con 2016, we shifted focus of our group, from just running conventions being the end goal, to helping charities like Extra Life through the events and conventions that we run.