Leadership Team

President – James Repass


James has been playing TTRPGs since the long long ago, in the before time, and is a huge lore nerd, particularly for the Forgotten Realms and Star Trek. He can be found DMing at Excelsior in Maynard, MA, The Whiz in Westborough, MA and at TRI conventions. James serves as President of TRI, and loves bringing D&D to as many people as possible, and showing people how great it can be as as game, a tool, and even a therapeutic, for people from all walks of life. When not doing that, James works in the Data Center industry, while enjoying sports, music, and spending time with his wife Maria and their two obnoxiously spoiled cats.

Vice President – Deb Berlin


Deb Berlin has been playing D&D for several years, and loves Adventurers League more than many things. She doesn’t run any RPGs (yet) but will likely be dungeon master for a Dungeons & Dragons elective at the school where she works this year, and she is excited to teach 5e to a new generation. Deb serves as the Vice President for The Role Initiative, channeling her love for all things related to organization into this organization and the wonderful tabletop community. When not working at conventions, Deb is a middle school science teacher. Deb lives in Massachusetts, and spends her free moments planning travels, hiking, camping, and reading.

Events – Mikayla Toy-Tozier


Mikayla Toy-Tozier has been playing D&D since 2012, and loves seeing players bring their characters to life during each session. She doesn’t run and RPGs yet, but is planning to start in 2020! Mikayla serves as the head of events in The Role Initiative, focusing her desire to help the tabletop community and expand the reach of The Role Initiative. When not organizing conventions or herding cats, Mikayla works as a database administrator. She spends her free time working on her Master’s degree, playing with her dogs, crafting, or gaming (in all its variations).

Infrastructure – Eric Boaen


Eric Boaen has been playing tabletop role playing games since 1986 including the following: D&D, AD&D, 2ed. AD&D, 4e D&D, 5e D&D, Rifts, and Shadowrun. He has been a Game Master for most of the games he’s played in, and enjoys writing and designing new and exciting ways to challenge his players.  In real life, Eric also has a challenging career as a network engineer. Eric’s primary hobbies also include 3d printing, all things automotive, and online gaming.

Community – Garrett Colón


Garrett Colón was introduced to AD&D by his godfather at the tender age of 8. Those sessions gave way to scattered experiences with 3.5e in high school, as well as jaunts with Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Mage the Awakening, Fate Core, and other RPGs. At PAX East 2013, the 5e playtest needed DMs, and Garrett, having never played the system, jumped in. This is how he lives – diving head first into his hobbies. Since then, Garrett has worked countless conventions, with his current count of over a dozen each year spanning varied genres in the US Northeast: scifi, video games, anime, tabletop, and multi-genre. When not driving to conventions, Garrett runs AL each week at his local game store in the Boston area, serves as Operations Coordinator for The Role Initiative, writes CCC for TRI and independently, and serves as a resource for the wider AL community. When not waist-deep in his gaming hobby, Garrett analyzes systems, coaches a preadolescent swim team, hikes, plays 10 instruments, reads the entirety of the internet, acts as local animal whisperer, and takes care of his gatos, Hermes and Aries.

Treasurer – Sean Greenlaw