The Role Initiative as a NPO and our structure

The Role Initiative aims to be a transparent non-profit organization serving to benefit the TTRPG community at large. To assist in that goal, this brief description of the roles people take in our organization is intended to clarify how TRI is organized. At this point in time, our organization is entirely volunteer-run, from Directors to Executives to individuals who run events.

Board of Directors –  Directors are voted in by a majority vote by other directors, with a minimum of five directors at any given time. The Board provides direction and strategic goals for the Executive team.

Chairman of the Board – Each year, one of the directors is voted in to provide oversight and guidance. This is not a voting role except for in the event of tied votes.

Executive Team – This team is comprised of the heads of each department that TRI has established. When an executive position needs to be filled, the Vice President and President can appoint someone to fill the position, which can include a public announcement of the need to fill the position and accept applications.

President – Provides communication between the Executive team and the Board of Directors. Gives guidance and establishes policies and procedures for the organization, and communicates with external entities and resources to maintain relationships and establish new ventures.

Vice President – Provides internal communications and direction, organizes executive meetings, acts as oversight for all departments, and mediates between departments as needed.

Infrastructure – Provide resources and logistics to meet internal and external needs

  • Resources
    • Account Management
    • Maintains security procedures, establishes best practices on an as needed basis
  • Logistics
    • Maintenance of TRI equipment and refill stock
    • Establishes transportation of TRI equipment to and from events
  • IT
    • Provides internal technical resources (computers, network equipment, services)

Events – Oversees all events coordinated by The Role Initiative and supports other members of the community in the organization of events.

  • Provides final approval on all events
  • Oversees and supports event organizers
    • Develops and maintains personnel, including event organizers
    • Ensures that events have appropriate organizational personnel
    • Provides training for organizational personnel
    • Maintains the Event Bible
    • Supports event organizers in procuring content and volunteers for events
  • Event Coordinator:
    • Serves as point of contact between TRI and event 
    • Uses TRI best practices to coordinate event organization
    • Communicates with Community and Marketing department to promote TRI presence at events
    • Coordinates with Events Lead, Community, and Marketing departments to procure volunteers
    • Coordinates with Events Lead and Content department to procure content
    • Maintains event budget
    • Coordinates with Community department to fundraise for event’s chosen beneficiary organization
  • Game Day Liason:
    • Works with both the Event head and the Event Coordinators for Game Days
    • Oversees and supports Event Coordinators for Game Days
    • Sets Game Day Calendar
    • Serves as touch point for locations and entities looking to run events.
    • Works with local and global charitable organizations
  • Serves as resource for event community
    • Develops and maintains resources for event organizers (including but not limited to the Event Bible)
    • Works with marketing to ensure marketing strategy is aligned with existing events
    • Meets with aspiring event organizers
    • Trains TRI event organizers
    • Maintains TRI event templates

Community – Oversees charitable outreach, personnel development, company communication/announcements.

  • Personnel development
    • Develop leadership in local communities to recruit organizers and volunteers
    • Notice exceptionalism in volunteers at events, and recognize it
    • As needed, provide gentle feedback to volunteers
    • Collaborate with executive team and local organizers to create DM training and other educational events
    • Discover and create resources for the community at large to benefit from
    • Work to empower members of our community who promote inclusivity in the community at large
    • Organize events to promote diverse leadership in our community
  • Communications
    • Give advice and assistance with communications to external parties on an as needed basis with other departments 
    • Monitors and keeps abreast of up and coming and trending community resources
    • Distribute via social media information regarding all organization events and other public releases: 
      • Twitter 
      • Reddit  
      • Facebook 
      • Instagram
      • Other media resources as needed.
  • Announcements 
    • Calendar management 
    • Event Assistance – Produce content and other media to promote organization events

Marketing – Responsible for the management of brand, vendors, sponsorship

  • Brand management 
  • Logo design 
  • Develop and maintain contacts with vendors and sponsors to support organization 
  • Design advertising that promotes the organization 
  • Website Content 
  • Charity outreach
    • Contact local businesses to secure donations for charity events
    • Maintain relationships with convention vendors to support events
    • Contact charities to discuss methods of support
    • Maintain relationships with local entities to have them serve as venues for charity events

Content – Responsible for the development of all publications, written works, and of new writers, editors, and resources.

  • Manage calendar of deadlines for the content department
  • Collaborates with the treasurer on managing the DMs Guild Account and content-related contracts
  • Collaborates with Marketing and Community departments in promotion of content and outreach
  • Coordinates with events department in bringing new and exciting content and systems to events
  • Monitors and keeps abreast of up and coming and trending community TTRPG systems, and content creators
  • Serve as liaison/resource for Story Arc Leads, the Lead Writer, and the Lead Editor
  • Lead Writer
    • Choose story leads and writers
    • Maintain story-line continuity, if Story Lead changes between trilogies
    • Assign content to events, in collaboration with event organizer
    • Serves as story lead as needed (for non-connected pieces of content)
  • Lead Editor
    • Set style guide & templates
    • Recruit and maintain team of editors
    • Keep writers and editors informed of any needed policies (internally or externally defined)
    • Serve as liaison/resource for editors
    • Assign editors to each story arc
  • Storyline Leads
    • Manages writers for story arc – deadlines and content
    • Maintains relationship between writers and editors for story arc
    • Works with the Lead Writer on developing ideas and plotlines
  • Individual Contributors
    • Editors
    • Writers
    • Playtesters

Treasurer – Manage the financial needs and record keeping of the organization.

  • Prepare all governmental IRS filings as needed
  • Facilitate payments to meet contractual obligations
  • Provide budgetary oversight and review for each department
  • Ensure development and review of financial policies and procedures