Event Coordinators

Currently, we are seeking multiple volunteers who are interested in taking on the role of event coordinator for a multitude of events we have planned! An event coordinator position entails a high amount of communication, dedication, and availability. This position acts as a lead for a particular event or store gameday. In this role, you are responsible for ensuring that your event is a success, both for yourself, TRI, and the players!

  • Serve as point of contact between TRI and the event or store.
    • Communicates clearly and concisely with event team about expectations of TRI and changes to expected plans
  • Utilizes TRI best practices to coordinate event organization, including form creation, schedules, and timeliness
  • Coordinates with Event Lead
    • Planning of content
    • Updates on progress, concerns, etc. on a weekly to biweekly schedule
  • Coordinates with Events Lead and Content department to procure content
  • Coordinates with Community and Marketing department to promote events across social media platforms, for a variety of purposes:
    • Promotion of event
    • Promotion of sponsors (if applicable)
    • Procuring volunteers
    • Procuring player base
    • Promoting charitable organizations (if applicable)
  • Coordinates with Infrastructure Lead for resources and logistics needed for the event
  • Maintains event budget
  • Respond to volunteer questions and concerns in a timely manner
  • Required Attendance to the event:
    • Supporting volunteers and players at event
    • Handling disputes

If you have questions regarding the position, please email us at events@theroleinitiative.org!

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