Donations for Excelsior Comics and Games Game Day

Reroll$11 Reroll
Silver$31 Reroll and 2 Raffle Tickets
Gold$81 Reroll and 7 Raffle Tickets
Electrum$153 Rerolls and 15 Raffle Tickets
Platinum$305 Rerolls and 25 Raffle Tickets

Raffle Tickets

Raffle tickets are good to be put towards any of our prizes, which are:

  • 1x Custom D20
  • 1x Custom Dice Set
  • 2x Custom Glasses
  • 3x 3d printed mini (Item will not be designed from scratch. Must have a file for the mini you want printed)
  • 1x 3d printed dice tower (color customizable)
  • 2x 3d printed dice cases (color customizable)
  • 4x Madmage blindboxes

At 5 raffle ticket entries you are guaranteed a singular dice holder! Images will be placed within the Discord channel, be sure to check them out!

Donate Here:

Please add a note to your donation with your Discord nickname so we can identify your donation!