Content Department Head

The Content department head is a executive-level volunteer position whom is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the content department, which includes the development of all publications, written works, and of new writers, editors, and resources.

  • Manage calendar of deadlines for the content department
  • Collaborates with the treasurer on managing the DMs Guild Account and content-related contracts
  • Collaborates with Marketing and Community departments in promotion of content and outreach
  • Coordinates with events department in bringing new and exciting content and systems to events
  • Monitors and keeps abreast of up and coming and trending community TTRPG systems, and content creators
  • Serve as liaison/resource for Story Arc Leads, the Lead Writer, and the Lead Editor
  • Lead Writer
    • Choose story leads and writers
    • Maintain story-line continuity, if Story Lead changes between trilogies
    • Assign content to events, in collaboration with event organizer
    • Serves as story lead as needed (for non-connected pieces of content)
  • Lead Editor
    • Set style guide & templates
    • Recruit and maintain team of editors
    • Keep writers and editors informed of any needed policies (internally or externally defined)
    • Serve as liaison/resource for editors
    • Assign editors to each story arc
  • Storyline Leads
    • Manages writers for story arc – deadlines and content
    • Maintains relationship between writers and editors for story arc
    • Works with the Lead Writer on developing ideas and plotlines
  • Individual Contributors
    • Editors
    • Writers
    • Playtesters
  • Most of the work is of remote nature, must be familiar with office software usage (Spreadsheets, Word/Google Docs, Email)
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