Announcements for 2020

Dear TRI community,

We are excited for the upcoming year of conventions and RPG experiences – and we’re currently working our tails off to make this year of events the best yet. We’re planning some exciting new initiatives, and we look forward to reuniting with this community. We have lots of things happening this year that we’re excited to announce!

Nonprofit Status

We’re excited to announce that as of early last year we’ve officially been approved for our 501(c)(3) federal tax exemption status! This has been in the works since our inception in 2016. This will open up countless opportunities for us to grow as an organization. If you’d like to donate to our organization, click on “support us” on our website, and click the donate link.

New directors
The Role Initiative’s Board of Directors would like to announce THREE new faces in our ranks! 

Tiana Chase is involved in hundreds of community organizing initiatives around the Greater Boston area. They have been involved with The Role Initiative since 2016 as a volunteer and as the president of a community center where we’ve previously run gamedays and events. 

Nick Walko is a senior at Southern New Hampshire University. He has been a DM and Admin volunteer with The Role Initiative since its inception, supporting convention operations on multiple levels.

Jess Dempsey is best known in our community for her role as president of DOTS RPG. She has been involved in the RPG community for over 5 years, and we look forward to hearing her input as we make The Role Initiative a leader for accessible organized play gaming.

Executive Team Changes and Openings

As part of our organizational refocus, not only have we added some fresh blood but we have also shifted a few positions within our ranks. Some faces you may know have now taken new roles to better suit their particular talents. We’re also looking for people to fill some leadership roles within our organization – if you are interested, apply for any/all positions using [this form]

You’ve already heard about our new President, James RePass, see his post here.

First of all, we’re excited to have Sean Greenlaw on board as our organization’s treasurer. A long time DM and admin volunteer, store organizer, and convention organizer, we have been impressed by Sean’s organizational capabilities and the excitement that comes with his ideas. Sean has a wealth of experience in accountancy and we’re excited about the skills and knowledge that he will bring to The Role Initiative.

Ryan Parker stepped down from the communications position in order to focus on other projects. We so appreciate his professionalism and hard work throughout his time with us. He truly helped our organization become what it is today. Want to hear more from Ryan? Follow his podcast:

Derek DaSilva has also stepped down in order to focus on personal matters. You’ll still find him regularly at Excelsior Comics & Games, and at many TRI events. Click here for a note from Derek!

To take over parts of the community department, Garrett Colón made a lateral move within the executive team to manage community aspects of our organization, including social media channels and the growing community department.  Within the community department we are seeking someone interested in refocusing our personnel development efforts – an example of this would be working to develop DM training programming within local communities. This operations-level role is brand new for our organization, and we look forward to developing new talent as we expand our team. 

Eric Boaen has moved laterally from his role in the content department to head up our infrastructure department. He is excited for his new role and we are excited to utilize his skill set in a new way.

Mikayla Toy-Tozier has taken the reins of the Events department – she brings her experience and many years of talent in many roles. Fear not – our conventions are in great hands.

Finally, Deb Berlin has been serving as Vice President and Convention Coordinator of the organization. For quite some time, Mikayla Toy-Tozier served as the Assistant Convention Coordinator to lighten the load for Deb. Deb has stepped down as Convention Coordinator but maintains her role as Vice President.

New Positions

Right now we have quite a few needs to fill in our organization! Take a look below to see where you could volunteer to help out!

We are seeking an individual to lead our new Marketing department.  This Executive-level role is responsible for developing our relationships with and support for other charities and sponsors, among other responsibilities related to maintaining and developing organization recognition. Apply for this position here!

We also are looking for someone to take over the Content Department! This is an Executive-level role, the details of which can be found here!

Within the Events department, we have openings for multiple Event Coordinators.  We are looking for volunteers help run all the great events we are a part of!  We have further details here!

Also within the Events department, we are looking for a Game Day Liaison to assist the Events department head with all of the Game Days we are planning! Please look here for more information.


We need your help! Please look at our pages for the following volunteer positions:

Event Coordinator

Marketing Department Head

Content Department Head

Game Day Liaison

As we approach this year, we’re excited for the opportunities ahead of us. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements as our departments grow and our operations focus on the future!