TRI News

Totalcon35 weekend has begun! We’re still looking for DM’s to fill a few open spots for us. If you’re interested in running a game check out our schedule below and head over to our volunteer form to sign up.

Friday February 19th @ 8:00AM EST:
DDAL10-03 (Tier 1 Seasonal)
CCC-TRI-06 (Tier 2 Historic)
Friday @ 3:00PM-11:00PM EST:
DRW-07 (Tier 3 Masters)
Saturday February 20th @ 8:00AM EST:
CCC-TRI-17 (Tier 1 Historic)
Saturday February 20th @ 7:00PM EST:
CCC-TRI-10 (Tier 3 Historic) – possibly EB-02

Where you can find us in 2021!

Totalcon 2021 – February 18th – 21st (Online) – Register to Volunteer!