Thank You for the Best Carnage Con Yet


Carnage Con XX is in the books and it was an amazing weekend with so much fun. We all got to see friends that we haven’t seen in a year and make some new ones.  I want to take this opportunity to thank some individuals, without whom we could not have been as big a success as we were:

  • Carnage Con staff:

Specifically Nyssa and Tyler for facilitating the convention as a whole and providing us an amazing space to run our events all weekend!

  • Adventurers League Admins:

Robert Adducci and Claire Hoffman for not only providing us with the ability to run the D&D 2017 Open and Keep on the Borderlands, but also taking the time out of their very busy schedules to make the trip to Vermont and run their Author Only Adventures for the Attendees. Thank you so so much!!!!

  • Dungeon Masters:

Without you we would not have been able to run the tables for the players, and for you we are most grateful for your dedication and patience with not only the players but with us as we moved tables, players, and sometimes games.  Allen Spader, Richard Czarnec, Glen J Benedict, Cindy Moore, Scott Moore, Kian Azadi, Fred Choquet, Chris Bower, Scott Carlson, Sean Finn, Troy LaMontagne, Chris Pietras, Connor Whitford, Yonatan Abrego, Dan Charette, Matthew Evan, Cody Garcia, Minh An P. H., Adam Jache, George Ramos, and Uri Weiss: Thank you

  • Our Chef for all the DMs and the Kickstarter folks, Jonas Carlson for providing amazing food all weekend. You are the best!
  • Convention Created Content Writers:

Garrett Colón, Eric Boaen, Adam Scaramella, and Derek DaSilva thank you for writing some amazing adventures for the participants to play

  • Adventurers League Guild Adepts:

Cindy Moore and Lysa Chen for not only attending, but writing two of the DDAL modules that premiered at the convention

  • Adventurers League admin team:
    • Kit See and Cameron Jameson for all your help with getting Claire Hoffman to and from the Airport this weekend, your help is truly appreciated…and Kit also DM’d a little too hehehe.
    • Frank Lefebvre, Alex Coleman, Ted Atkinson and others for Running Fai Chen all weekend for our attendees, don’t know how we would juggle everything without you guys, thank you so much!
    • Ken Stacey for keeping on top of organizing DM sleep spaces for everyone, that was a huge stress relief that we did not have to take care of that!
    • Clayton Grandstaff and David Bowden for helping us with the Midnight Madness run of the first season 7 epic to kick off the 24 hours of gaming for Extra Life which helped raise over $630 for the weekend!
    • Dale Everett for doing whatever needed to be done from running wandering monsters, to sliding into running a table of Keep on the Borderlands Epic, thanks bud!
    • And most importantly, Eric Boaen, Garrett Colón, Deb Berlin, and Derek DaSilva for doing everything from running the Open, to the Keep Epic, to helping muster every slot, I would have gone crazy (I may still go cray cray) if it were it not for you 4, you were the rock the convention ran on this weekend and I can not say thank you enough to you.
  • Players, because without you, we would not have had a convention to begin with
  • And Last but not least, the Kickstarter folks who funded this whole wonderful weekend for everyone!  Here are their names!
Kickstarter Backer Level
Relentless Dragon Comics Sponsor of two CCC modules
Jetpack Comics Sponsor of a CCC module
Nex Gen Comics Sponsor of a CCC module
Russ Morgridge Platinum
Rob Kirker Platinum
Lisa Spofford Platinum
Matt Hicks Platinum
Alex Coleman Platinum
John White Gold
Jesse Robidas Electrum
Eric Boaen Electrum
Christian Tornqvist Electrum
Erik Rutins Electrum
Steve Bissonnette Electrum
Fred Shocked Electrum
Richard Czarnec Electrum
Neil Nowacki DDAO with Robert
Stephanie Oliver Matteson DDAO with Claire
Benoit Rémillard DDAO with Claire
Kyle Wag DDAO with Robert
Lysa Chen DDAO with Robert
Adam Jache DDAO with Robert
Cindy Moore DDAO with Claire
Francois Lefebvre DDAO with Claire
Deb Berlin Friend of The Role Initiative (Silver)
Sean Murphy Friend of The Role Initiative (Silver)
Jeffrey Talanian Friend of The Role Initiative (Silver)
Jonas Carlson Friend of The Role Initiative (Silver)
Jason O’Connell Friend of The Role Initiative (Silver)
Wayne Change Friend of The Role Initiative (Silver)
Ekaterina Ryabko Friend of The Role Initiative (Silver)
Kenneth Ivan Brewer Friend of The Role Initiative (Silver)
Ron Gores Friend of The Role Initiative (Silver)
Nick Walko Friend of The Role Initiative (Silver)
Robert Adducci Friend of The Role Initiative (Copper)

The Role Initiative AL Convention Contact:
Mark Merida